Okay, I just lured you in here to talk to you about sunscreen…. Now, don’t go away!  You may think you know what you need to know about sun protection but just in case, why don’t we review?

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 The sun causes 80% of the aging damage seen on the skin as you get older. The key is to get in the habit of protecting your skin way before you see the signs of aging (actually, starting in the stroller is good). Casual sun exposure can cause you just as many problems as sunbathing. You don’t even have to be in a window just near a window to damage the skin. Especially in a car.

Indoor Protection

When: AM application then reapply at lunch if sitting anywhere near a window and then again for the trip home. Yes, this means a tube in your purse.

Where: The three keys areas to protect daily are face, neck, chest and hands.

What: 15 SPF or higher unless you are in the sun at your desk then a 30 SPF is recommended. Makeup will help the face only. Get an oil free  formula for reapplying so you don’t have to worry about your makeup or breakouts for layering products.

Outdoor ProtectionDrawing Woman with Sunscreen

When: 15 minutes prior to exposure then reapply every one and a half to two hours unless you have tendency to burn.

Where: Everywhere skin is showing and get under clothing a little way, too. Those places that are missed make for funny burn lines and sleepless nights.

What: 30 SPF and up. The higher the Sun Protection Factor (SPF) the more coverage you get but don’t be fooled that you are protected any longer than 1½ to 2 hours. Especially the face, chest, shoulders, lips and tops of the feet, and even that shaved or bald head.

Golfers, bikers, hikers, swimmers, other outdoor athletes, gardeners and professions that work in the sun have a greater risk or sun damage because your attention is on your task at hand and not how much sun you are getting. Set a timer if you must but reapply every few hours. Dermatologists remove more potentially cancerous spots on this group of individuals than any other.

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