Time TellersLines – Wrinkles – Pigment Spots

What signs of time are showing up in your mirror? Don’t panic. Help is here.

Time Robbers:

80% of aging on the skin is due to Sun Exposure – outdoor sports or work; deliberate tanning – sunbathing or tanning booths; casual exposure in car, dining, parties, office window, etc.

Smoking       Stress       Environment – heaters/air conditioners       Squinting       Genetic

Over Use of aggressive Products – acne products, exfoliators, medicines

Skin Conditions – acne, eczema, psoriasis


The Eyes go first       Hands       Neck       Chest

The Fight – Prevention/ Maintenance/ Correction

We have talked about Prime 4+ which are the basics to caring for skin as you see changes. This article covers more of the products and ingredients that are possibilities in the PLUS side of Prime 4+.

Products – Over-the-counter 1st

Start infusing your skin with anti-aging ingredients in your daily products and/or your supplemental products (serums, masks, exfoliants).  These work to prevent and repair damage.

Note: Some ingredients can get aggressive on the skin so watch for irritation especially in the beginning of use. Alter usage to allow skin to adjust. Consult your doctor if you have rosacea, eczema or psoriasis.

Natural Anti-aging Ingredients: antioxidants – green tea, vitamin C/ E, yeast extract, minerals – magnesium, marine/seaweed extracts (hydration), licorice root extract (lightening), berry/ fruit extracts (resveratrol) – cell turnover

Naturally-derived Ingredients – hyaluronic acid (moisturizing), AHAs – milder forms of acids including retinol(cell turnover), peptides – copper (antioxidant), ceramides/ nanospheres/time release delivery systems, growth factors- kinetin/TNS (cell turnover), DMAE (firmness), enzymes (antiinfammation, exfoliation) including Coenzyme Q10, azelaic acid/ kojic acid (pigmentation)

Medical Ingredients for at-home use: Dark spots – Hydraquinone 2%/ mandelic acid, Acne –  benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, Lines/ wrinkles –  stronger retinols and exfoliants (glycolic acid with lower pH levels)

Treatments – At-Home

Masks/ Serums – hydration, exfoliation (both chemical and/or manual), antioxidant

Devices – microdermabrasion, light therapy (spots), high frequency/ ultrasonic (firming) / Micro needling

Procedures – massage techniques

Medications –

If you have done your best with store-bought options, here’s what the doctor might offer after a thorough consult:

Tretinoin or retinoic acid (Retin A/ Renova/ Refissa) – lines, wrinkles, small spots

Tazarotene/ Adapalene/ oral antibiotics/ Accutane – severe acne

Hydraquinone 4% – hyperpigmentation

Medical Procedures –

Dr. Climbing Lips

Exfoliation – Microdermabrasion/ aggressive peels – Esthetician/Nurse/ Physician

Freeze – Botox, Dysport, Xeomin – PhysicianPeels Medium depth – 1 week down time – Physician/ Nurse

Fillers – Restylane/ Juvederm/ Sculptra/ Radiesse – Physician

Light based non ablative Lasers for Pigmentation, firming, capillaries (redness), resurfacing – Laser Nurse

Lifts – partial face, full face, neck

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And remember – Do the best you can at any age.