Prime 4+Drawing Green Mask

After years of using and recommending skincare products, I wanted to make it really simple to explain. You see, caring for your skin IS NOT a mystery. Yes, finding exactly which brand to use is a daunting task because of the vast numbers of choices (we want choice, but come on…) but what type of products to use is not so hard. I call it the Prime 4+. Here’s how it works:

The Prime 4

Cleanser – because you have got to get the dirt off. Water is not enough.

Sunscreen – because 90% of skin aging is a result of the sun. Hit neck and chest and hands, too.

Night Moisturizer – because skin needs hydration. Not necessarily oil but hydration. Even if you drink it.

Exfoliator – because dead skin cells keep fresh cells from rising and clog pores.

Here’s the  + Plus part:

If you are seeing fine lines around your eyes, add an Eye Product.

If you are seeing lines all over, add an Anti-aging Product. Don’t forget those neck and hands.

If you have a specific concern, add a Concern Product that addresses the issue such as oil control or pigmentation.


Take the Skin Sense Discovery Questionnaire to determine what type of products to use.

Now, doesn’t that make sense?