YOUR GUIDE: Use this Color Enhancement Discovery Questionnaire to determine what makeup is best for your needs.

Model with Brush and Waves in Mirror

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1. What is your  Style Personality?  Questionnaire   Q1 Discussion

Naturalist______  Tailored _______ Global _______ Trendy _______ Distinct _______

2. How much time do you spend applying cosmetics?  Q2 Discussion

5 Minutes _______ 5 to 10 Minutes _______ 10+ Minutes _______

3. What two or three cosmetic items must you apply before you leave the house? ________________________________________   Q3 Discussion

4. What items of cosmetics do you reapply during the day?  Q4/5 Discussion ______________________________________________________

5. What of the following cosmetics do you own the most number of items?  

Lipsticks _______ Eye shadows _______ Blush _______ Other _______

Questions 6-10 pertain to skin tone and your everyday colors.  Q6-10 Color Discussion

6. What is your underlying Skin Tone?  Understanding Skin Tone

Cool _____   Warm _____   Sallow _____   Ruddy _____   Olive _____ 

7. What is your current Hair Color?  Chart   

Copper/Red _____  Brown/Auburn _____  Black _____  Grey/White ______  Blonde- Strawberry _____  Blonde- Ash/Platinum _____

8. Check off the main colors in your main Wardrobe: Understanding Wardrobe Colors

Black _____   Warm Neutrals (cream/brown/gold) _____   Warm Tones (coral/teal/yellow/green) _____

Cool Neutrals(grey/navy/white/silver) _____   Cool Tones (plum/maroon/violet) _____   Pastels (pink/blue/lime/peach) _____

Cool Brights (fuchsia/purples)____  Warm Brights (orange/red) _____     Jewel Tones (deep reds/blues/greens) _____

9. What is your Eye Color? Eye Color Visual

Dark Brown ____   Neutral Brown/ Green/ Hazel ____   Light Blue/ Green ____   Ash Grey ____   Bright Blue/ Green ____

10. What shades do you like Most?  Lipstick ____________     Blush ____________ Eyeshadow ____________

For help on the Questions 11-13, Refer to this Page: Understanding Face and Feature Shapes

11. What is your Face Shape?  Oval _____   Round _____   Rectangle _____   Square _____   Heart /Triangle _____   Diamond _____  Q11 Discussion

12. What is your Eye Shape?  Q12 Discussion

Wide Set _____   Close Set _____Downturned _____ UpTurned_____  Deep Set _____Monolid _____       Hooded Eyelid _____ Prominent _____

13. What is your Lip Shape?  Q13 Discussion

Full Lips _____   Wide Lips _____ Small Top Lip _____   Thin Lips _____   Flat Top Lip _____   Bowed Shaped Lips _____ Round Lips _____ DownTurned Upper Lip _____

14. What is your Nose Shape?  Round _____   Longer Tip  _____   Wider Bridge _____ Q14 Discussion