canstockphoto7598292YOUR GUIDE: This Questionnaire will determine what products you need.

How well do you know your skin?

Good skin can be very illusive. As soon as you think you’ve got it figured out… boom – it changes. Your workday may call for one routine and your weekday another. With some basic knowledge, you can adjust your routines when the unexpected happens.

It all boils down to the fundamentals of good skin:

Oil Control – not too much and not too little

Proper Hydration – keep skin moisturized

Exfoliation – the step to skin renewal

Toxin Fighting – maintaining healthy skin

Stabilizing Sensitivity – taming the pink

After you have taken the Skin Sense Discovery Questionnaire, you will find your answers by linking to the answer pages that follow each question. Each subjest starts with an overview (such as oil control) and then gets more specific to your skincare needs. Take the time to read the overview because the personalized information that follows will make more sense.

Start by printing the Skin Sense Plan of Action form below to log your answers and recommendations:

Skin Sense Plan of Action Page

Skin Sense Discovery Question #1
1. How soon after you wash do you feel oil in your T Zone*?
___ Right Away ___ 3 to 4 hours ___ Afternoon
___ Late in the Day ___ Rarely ___ Never have

#1 Answers

Skin Sense Discovery Question #2
2. How long does a blemish take to go away?
___ 1 to 2 days ___ 3 to 4 days ___ 5 or more days

#2 Answers

Skin Sense Discovery Question #3
3. What do you use to exfoliate?
___ Nothing ____ Washcloth ____ Daily Leave On Product
___ Grains/Buff/Brush ____ Occasional Exfoliating Mask

#3 Answers

Skin Sense Discovery Question #4
4. Do you use a daily sunscreen? ____ No ____ Yes

#4 Answers

Skin Sense Discovery Question #5
5. What are your biggest concerns about your skin?
___ Lines and Wrinkles ___ Dehydration ___ Sensitive/Red ___ Pigmented Spots
___ Oil ___ Clogged Pores/ Blemishes ___ Acne ___ Firmness ___ Texture
___ Overall Health ___ Lines in the Eye Area ___ Eye Dark Circles or Puffiness

#5 Answers

Skin Sense Discovery Question #6
6. Check all challenges that may affect your skin:
____ Smoker ____ Tanner ____ Computer use ____ Alcohol use
____ Dirty working environment ____ Outdoor Hobby ____ Medication
____ Cold Air ____ Excessive Heater/Hot Water ____ Menopause

#6 Answers

 The goal is to make your skin look it’s best right now – at this point in your life.

Want to know how old your skin is?