YOUR GUIDE: This Discovery Questionnaire will help you identify your Style Personality.

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The mirror only reflects a small part of who you are. But your visual self is what the outside world sees first.

To express your true self, you need to know how your lifestyle and personality apply to your style.

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Style Personality

  • Naturalist – You enjoy a very comfortable style, more casual with little fuss on a daily basis.
  • Tailored – You wear classic designs but add your own flair. Your look is always put together.
  • Global – You are open to all cultural influences in both wardrobe and products.
  • Trendy – You change your look with the seasons to what magazines and runways are showing. Sometimes, you may even set the fashion trend.
  • Distinct – You like to be different. You may be seen with metallic or bold colors, more intense makeup, unusual accessories or even tattoos or piercings.

What If?

What if I am more than one Style Personality? Some people have one look during the week and another on the weekends or your life may cause you to change.Think of your strongest and most public Style Personality first but consider all your options as you uncover your Reflected Expression.

Style Personality Product Preferences

You may find these terms within the different lines if they are distinctly unique to a Style Personality:

  • Naturalist – You use the basics but effective products for skin and makeup. Prefer natural/organic ingredients.
  • Tailored – You add products when it fits your lifestyle but stay with what works.
  • Trendy – You will change up to the latest new products or ingredients seasonally
  • Global– You like imported products for their uniqueness and prestige.
  • Distinct – You like to try anything from homemade skincare concoctions to unique makeup combinations

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The Real You!