Definition of Style

Rectangle Mirror

Image– A representation of a person

Personality – Distinctive individual qualities

Style– Characteristic manner of expression, fashion

Expression – A look that conveys meaning


You can choose to put on an image even if it is not you inside. That image makes you not quite as comfortable because you have to keep up an act. Your true self can be expressed in most situations so that the image people see is who you truly are – not a false image. The Real You.


You are unique. There is no other person like you anywhere. Your lifestyle, your mannerisms and your personality should be taken into consideration when you are deciding your image. People like others who allow their true self to come through. Only people with false images like others with false images.


It used to be that style and fashion were decided for you. You may have seen pictures of bouffant hairstyles, go-go boots or shoulder pads? Today, everything in is. Few things fade away. Retro is always in. Just check out the growth in vintage stores. Women, men, teens and even children want choice; in hemlines, in hairstyles, in skincare and cosmetics. But, how does it all relate to you as an individual?


Your image decisions are made with the information you have gathered. And there is a great deal of information out there. Magazines, television, movies, books, famous people and their makeup artists, department stores, designers, websites and friends. You can take it all in but still have an image that does not relate to your true self. Your best image is the one that reflects your lifestyle, your personality and your own sense of style,

The Real You!