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Want to know how old your skin is looking?  Check out this Quiz

NOVEMBER Magazines are Out! Here are the Beauty Blurbs to check out:

InStyle – Welcome, Matte/ Rebecca Ferguson tries the season’s new makeup focus/ Cat Eyes/ So Long, Pores

Allure – Kick You Bad Skin Habits/ Super Pretty Makeup

Vogue – Bold and Beautiful – 4 Faces of Autumn/ Michelle Phan’s Brow Arsenal

Glamour – Runway Looks/ Girls in the Beauty Dept./Celebrity Facials/ Mwah! Love Your Lipstick

Elle – 6 Organic Products that fight the signs of aging

Bazaar – 5 Minute MakeOvers/ Look Younger Instantly

Self – 4 Super Simple Beauty Tips

Lucky – Perfect Hair-Glowing Skin

Ingredients – Know what’s in your Products