What two or three cosmetic items must you apply before you leave the house?

I love this question because it fun to ask at a party. Most women will be made up and so it is hard to guess what two things she would not leave the house without applying. These items tend to be items that enhance shortcomings. If you have light lashes, it’s probably mascara. If your skin has some irregularities to it, then foundation or powder might be the go-to item.  If all those are naturally acceptable to show in public, you probably add a lip color to perk your face up.

My one item is brows because they are very light and sparse so I feel if I don’t put on gel brow color on my brow hairs, they look like they have been shaved off. Then mascara, then lip gloss or color.

Your two or three items could also be in your purse or stashed in your car in case of a rush. Mascara can be a bit tricky (you will probably need clean up supplies), but most items can be quickly applied at a stoplight. Since these items are the ones that you buy regularly, keep your almost-used-up one in the car and trade it out as you buy new for your main drawer.

What does all this say about our beauty image anyway? The number of makeup items you feel you absolutely need can give you insight to your beauty personality. The less you apply means the more comfortable you are with the “real you in the mirror”. And that is always something to strive for.

Beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes. It is not something physical. – Sophia Loren

So, for a fun conversation at your next party, ask your gal pals – “What’s the one makeup item you won’t leave home without applying?”Makeup in Car