There was a time when just using a washcloth with your cleanser was enough exfoliation. But that was before we had

the stress issues, the 

environmental issues (outdoor and indoor) and the daily use of makeup. Now, the skin needs help to get rid of the dirt, toxins, dead cells and clean out the pores. Fresher skin also means less lines and wrinkles and allows products to work more efficiently.

When will you know your skin needs to be exfoliated?

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You will need a mirror for help with analyzing what your skins needs. One of the first things to study is what your skin looks like at the end of the day. Get under a good light. Look at the T- zone (forehead/nose/chin), and your cheeks. Is either area dry, dull or flaky (even oily skin can be flakey)? Does your makeup settle in certain areas? If the answer to any of these questions is “Yes, I see it!” then take the time to use your exfoliator. Afterward, go back to the mirror and see what fresh, dewy skin looks like for you. Now, each day, watch for the dullness to return. Sometimes, it is only in one area or the other. You can exfoliate just that area or wait until the whole face needs your help. It may be a few days or as long as one week. Professional treatments can go even deeper and last longer. Each person’s skin will be different but remember,

Fresh is best!

What should you use to exfoliate?

Types of Exfoliators:

Physical Exfoliators include scrubs, grains, pads, brushes and that good old washcloth. These items have to be moved around on your skin to work off the debris. They are quick and easy but they have some warnings for use. Mainly, don’t press too hard.

Chemical Exfoliants have an ingredient in them that works at the debris while sitting on the skin. Chemical exfoliants tend to do a better job clearing out the pores because they can work deeper. Which one is for me? Both scrubs and chemicals can help refresh the skin. Your skin will actually like it if you change it up from time to time so, if you can afford to have one of each, switch out your routine every other time.

Need to know more? Click this link to Exfoliation to get details on what and when to use exfoliators.

Try This!

If you haven’t used an exfoliator in a long time (or ever) try using it two nights in a row to get your skin caught up.

People will notice!