I know how hard it is to fight the urge to plop into bed without doing the necessary skin routine. Especially if you bathe in the morning or have children (chores, hobbies, pets, husbands) who leave very little energy for yourself. But consider this-

Sleeping with the day’s old makeup, dirt and toxins means older skin by morning. Up to three days older!


1. While you sleep, the skin breathes in whatever is sitting on it’s surface. That means more potential for clogged pores, more dead cell buildup resulting in wider pores plus aging toxins have more time to do their evil work breaking down healthy cells.

2. Even if you just do the basics, your sleeping skin absorbs the moisture and repairing ingredients you have slathered on. It’s easier to repair when the daily elements and makeup aren’t present.

One of my mantras –

Protect during the day, repair at night.

So what is the minimum?

If you look at the Prime 4+ article from the last blog, you will know that cleansing and moisturizing are musts. It is better to clean at night and skip the morning than the other way around (unless you have oily skin). Use a warm washcloth (I like baby washcloths for their gentleness) and a dash of cleanser. Run the hot water faucet while you are brushing your teeth and it will be warm by the time you’re done brushing. In a hurry? Use a box wipe (there are many to choose from at the drug/box stores) for removal or even the wet washcloth from the morning. It’s better than nothing. Then apply your night moisturizer (the one without sunscreen). That’s it. Unless you are on a roll and decide to do more.

Take a cool washcloth or splash your face in the morning (oily skin should cleanse again) to wake the skin up and prepare it for your day moisturizer/sunscreen and makeup.

So why age more at night when you can look fresh in the morning?

Drawing Pink Sleep Mask