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3womenatcomputer – Expert Advice. Unbiased reviews. Products recommended through advice/ videos/ blogs – Powered by you. MakeUp and Skin Tips/ Blog – Beauty and Style – Videos / Blog – Keep your style updated. Blog/ Articles/ Q & A / Makeover Tool – “The ultimate beauty blog for product junkies” – Anti wrinkle treatment guide – The honest truth about beauty and personal care products. – Medical/ Spa products/ – Delivering beauty – Medical products – Dermatology Reviews – Dermatologist site – Medical information, skin evaluation – Packed full of advice – Food and Drug info – Medical/ Health facts (etc.) – Love what you buy – Paula’s Choice product info – See as well – Advice/ Articles -Articles – Promotes light therapy – Beauty and Anti aging – You know the magazine. Get the advice. – Tool for choosing products – Advice you can trust – Product reviews, Forums and Peer advice – Move up in life – Site for older women – Australia – Trendy beauty

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