Need More Visuals? Choose these VIDEO links to watch beauty tips or do your own makeover. Most are product driven and all have those pesky ads…


canstockphoto8558295Please know, too, that not all the advice is sound.

Sites that are more Info than Product-driven: – mostly makeup videos – search skin care or makeup videos – search skin care or makeup videos

Sites that are more Product-driven but worth a look: – Dermstore videos – Canadian

Specialty Sites:

Also Click over to Virtual Makeovers – Discovery Channel – Fit and Healthy – Search skin videos medical advice – Madvice – Teen magazine – Homemade products

YouTube – Some Favorites:




The following sites have thousands of videos:

ehowbeauty – well done

expertvillage – search skin and or makeup – most are amateur

If you have a favorite, Contact Us with the link and I will add it to this site.

NOTE : You can also go to Shop By Brand and find which sites have their own videos. Magazine websites also have videos of techniques using their recommended products.


The World is now available for your viewing experience.