YOUR GUIDE: Use The Search Portal to narrow down what brands meet your needs.


You already know some things about yourself that helps you buy beauty products – a price range, locations and maybe even a type of product. The Search Portal allows you to mark what you know then see which brands meet that criteria.

Note: When using the Search Sidebar, use All as a criteria if you don’t really have a preference. It will give you more results.

Note: You may get many results that are on several pages. Be sure to go to the bottom of the page and check OLDER POSTS to see all your brands.


Shop by Price:

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Brands have price levels assigned to them. From drug/ discount stores to luxury department store prices. You can have quality in every level. As a guideline:

$ = minimum cash outlay but effective

$+ = paying for ingredients

$$ = paying for packaging and ingredients

$$+ = Premium/ Luxurious/ Top-of-the-Line


Shop By Location:Doorway Elegant Store

Drug Stores / Discount Stores

Luxury Department Stores / Fine Department Stores

Specialty Stores / Outlets/ Health Food Stores

Spas and Salons

Medical Clinics

Direct / Catalog Sales

Online Shopping


Shop By Category:herbbowls

Brands will fall into 6 categories based on formula types –

Science – Products that have basic lab based formulas.

Advanced Science – Products that have advanced lab based formulas.

Natural – Products that have natural sources as their base.

Organic – Products that use certified organic ingredients.

Medical – Products that have physician directed formulas

Plus 2 Additional Categories:

Celebrity – These brands are formulated by Designers, Estheticians, Makeup Artists+

Imported – Tagged specifically for products brought into the US.

Chose the one that is your highest priority first.


Shop By Brand:

If you have favorite brands, just use Search for the name and it will give you information about the brand and a link to their website.


Ingredient Junkie? Link over to INGREDIENT INFORMATION


“How do I know what I need to buy and where do I go to buy it? There is so many products and so much information out there. It is all so confusing….”

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